Welcome to Slippery Saints Mud Run


Run a 5k. In the mud. With obstacles.  Just like Mom told you not to do.  The Slippery Saints Mud Run is where the action and adventure is!  With a twist of heavenly good and devilish fun, you have our permission to participate in “Altar Boy’s Revenge”, “The Inquisition”, “The Baptism”, “Dante’s Hell” obstacles and more.  You can ask for forgiveness later.  At the beer tent.  In 2016 we plan to have even more muddy obstacles to meet the requests of the participants.

It all happens on Saturday, August 20, 2016. Our mud run is located at the North Iowa Events Center in Mason City, Iowa.  So wear your favorite costume if you want, whether it is the devil’s horns or an angelic halo, but be prepared to have fun! Mojo's DJ service will be playing music throughout the day at our beer tent.  

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